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Turquoise Morning

Deandrea Hamilton

Deandrea S. Hamilton has been entertaining audiences since the age of five finding her place as a thespian, orator, artist, photographer and writer in her primary and high school careers.  By senior high school, it was settled that she would pursue Journalism & Mass Communications at the College of the Bahamas where she earned an Associate of Arts Degree and won the Humanities Divisional Award for the Class of 1995.  

Almost immediately Deandrea was scooped up for a career in media; working at the Freeport News as the lone features writer with responsibility for the Health, Real Estate, Travel and Seasonal Supplements section of the daily newspaper.  It was in her regional coverage of destinations near The Bahamas that she had the assignment to visit The Turks and Caicos Islands; it was in 1996 that she vowed to return.

By the age of 30, Deandrea Hamilton had climbed through the ranks at Cool 96 Radio Station as News Director, Production Engineer, Programme Director, Promotions Sales & Marketing Manager as well as being an on air radio personality hosting and creating talk and music shows for herself and the radio announcers she coached and supervised over the years.    

Ms Hamilton has worked in retail marketing since 2006, been the editor of two newspapers, including her own, The Kingdom Times (Gospel publication) and The Free Press.  Her work on television started with Bahamas@Sunrise in The Bahamas as guest host, and blossomed with opportunities at WIV4 and PTV8, where she was host of Education & You, news director and newscaster.  

Currently, Deandrea Hamilton is owner of a multi media company - Magnetic Media - specializing in broadcast productions for radio and television.  Turquoise Morning, is her flagship television show and in 2012 it won three Telly Awards, which are prestigious prizes endorsed by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Turquoise Morning is now seen throughout the Caribbean and the United States.

Turquoise Morning

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