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Lighten Up!

Catherine Tyson

Lighten Up with Catherine Tyson is a weekly half hour, high-energy entertainment show hosted by Catherine Tyson filled with lots of laughs, funny folks, an original musical item performed by a Caribbean act and a sit down guest segment on each show.    Lighten Up marries the counselor with the comedienne who finds the joke in life and aims to show that lightening up is just what the doctor ordered for your health and best life to make the journey of life more fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. 

Each show has lots of music filmed in front of a live studio audience.  The chat center has diverse comedic talent with a regular cast bantering with the host on the topic of the evening.  Featured nightly guests on the couch in the living room are funny and inspiring with guests ranging from authors, to boxers to regular folks that have overcome adversity and are living laughing and talking about it. 

Lighten Up with Catherine Tyson is a woman not afraid to be funny and real and makes you think about the simple nuances of adult behavior that we all experience.  In her comedic delivery she manages to marry the counselor and the comic with little anecdotes on life in general.  No stranger to the media author and radio host, Catherine Tyson, aims to put a smile on everyone’s face and learn how to not take ourselves so seriously.

A lifelong observer, Tyson takes a little bit from her book I’m Somebody’s Mama to create an exhilarating, hilarious break from reality with little lessons to help inspire everyone to just simply Lighten Up.  With Tyson’s sassy  attitude, girl next door charm and that mischievous twinkle in her eyes, one never knows what she will say next. It is a half hour of feel good comedy that is destined to make you smile.

What is Lighten Up?


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