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Jeanille Bonterre

Growing up as a teen model, TV and Radio host in Trinidad & Tobago Jeanille Bonterre continually nurtured her passion for culture, travel, entertainment, philanthropy and media. Her experience and infectious personality set her apart from thousands of international candidates and won the hearts of casting directors and TV executives at MTV Networks and then later at BET Networks in search of a unique face and voice to represent their brand in the Caribbean. They brought her to MTV’s TEMPO and BET J (now Centric) as the first Caribbean host and producer for VIACOM Inc. and was the spokesperson for their Caribbean HIV/AIDS awareness campaign CHOICES.
Always motivated by her passion for culture and people, this self-assured media maven continues to build her legacy of quality multi-cultural media as host and Executive Producer of the travel series Island Xclusive now broadcasting on One Caribbean TV in the US, the Caribbean and Central & Latin America. If Jeanille’s not traveling for her TV show, working on independent productions and making appearances, she’s working with community development projects or hosting special events throughout the Caribbean. When asked about advice for others pursuing their passion she says, “Whatever your career aspirations are, study your craft, focus and go for it. Believe in yourself and trust that your spirit will always guide you towards the path of prosperity.”

What's Island Xclusive?

Looking for an escape from the everyday routine? Well if you love adventure, romance, great cuisine, beautiful people or exotic getawaysthen Island Xclusive is the show for you. As IX marks the hotspot, our charismatic host Jeanille Bonterre will take you to the best islands with sophistication, style and down to earth fun. 

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