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Island Insider with Anise Daniel

Anise Daniel

Anise Daniel is the new Host of Island Insider on One Caribbean Television. The Haitian and Bahamian beauty is also an up-and-coming singer songwriter. Influenced by her Caribbean background, Anise tries to include unique sounds from a variety of genres and blends them into her music to create beautiful harmonies and melodies. She is working on her EP and is waiting to release her first single!
She hopes to follow in the footsteps of her famous cousin, Grammy Award-winning recording artist Lenny Kravitz.

When she's not hosting TV shows and making music, Anise enjoys cooking, traveling and dancing.

She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

What's Island Insider?

Island Insider is a Caribbean entertainment show featuring everything hip, cool and up and coming in Caribbean culture. From entertainers to artists to restaurants, your Haitian Hostess Marlie guides you through it all.

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