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Full Plate

Rebecca Regnier

Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate is a lifestyle show that understands you’re busy and trying to be healthy. Each episode Rebecca Regnier brings her quick wit to everything from parenting to Pilates!

Rebecca writes one of the most popular diet humor blogs on the web, Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? She's been called the "Erma Bombeck of Dieting” and her take on everything from Atkins to Weight Watchers lead to her popular Twitter handle, @LaughItOff. Rebecca believes if you have to diet you may as well have a riot and she brings that spirit to Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate.

Full Plate, combines lifestyle, exercise, and tips on how to renovate recipes to fit into a healthy lifestyle. Rebecca revels in her culinary mistakes and exercise missteps and those moments have created some of the most memorable segments of the show.

Rebecca is a social media butterfly and a huge part of Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate is YOU! Suggest a PinTest, and Rebecca will test the most popular projects on Pinterest to see if they’re a Pin Win or a Pin Fail! Tweet with Rebecca at @LaughItOff or join her on Facebook. She’s always looking for good topics and ideas to share. And, don't forget to follow her on Instagram!

Like the song says, this is Full Plate, and we’re glad you’re here! Email me.

What's Full Plate?

Family, food, fitness, finance are some of the topics on this light hearted look at our busy lives. Full Plate host Rebecca Regnier, aims to lighten your plate with fresh flips on everything from exercise, to parenting, to making lunch for the kids. Watch Full Plate for a healthy twist on your busy day.

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